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Cotton Collective and Trade Show for Toowoomba

The 2021 Australian Cotton Trade Show will be held in conjunction with Cotton Australia’s Cotton Collective and Industry Awards in Toowoomba – August 25-26. Drawing on the very successful biennial Australian Cotton Conference model, a ‘mini’ conference went on the road to Griffith in 2017 and 2019.

Huge interest in Atherton Tablelands cotton

Around 150 people turned out on March 25 for a showcase of some pioneering cotton farmers in what could become Australia’s newest cotton production region – the Atherton Tablelands of north Queensland.

Australian Cotton Industry Awards back in 2021

Australian cotton growers will celebrate the best achievements of the industry this year with the return of the Australian Cotton Industry Awards for 2021.

FastStart Cotton Establishment Awards scooped by savvy, new starters

The two winners of the 2020 – 21 FastStart Cotton Establishment Awards pushed themselves outside of their comfort zone, drawing on the latest tools, techniques and advice with outstanding results.

Robots on the move

Andrew and Jocie Bate's ambitious start-up SwarmFarm has partnered with ag-tech venture capital firm Tenacious Ventures to raise $4.5 million, offering the opportunity to build it production team and scale up manufacturing so that robots can be delivered quicker.

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