Future focus at Keytah

“Knowledge is nothing if we don’t share it.” - Danielle Statham, Sundown Pastoral Company

These opening remarks set the scene for the field day, that featured panel discussions, presentations and Q+A sessions - all with a focus on future proofing the industry through strong social licence, positive stories and genuine collaboration.

Key topics included:

  • carbon and greenhouse emissions
  • customer expectations in the fashion value chain
  • the power of supply chain traceability
  • adaptive agriculture and innovative solutions for growers

In the field, attendees were given a front row seat to some of the automated irrigation and field innovations in place at Sundown Pastoral Company, including:

  • how they are introducing bankless channel irrigation systems
  • automation applications
  • biochar application trials

Traceability is the key to survival in a market increasingly driven by environmentally aware consumers who make buying decisions based on the carbon footprint of the products on the shelf.

“I believe as an industry we are small enough to be agile and young enough to collectively evolve. Which is why as a team we don’t believe any grower should be charged to provide information from the field, which is why we will always ensure the FibreTrace ‘mapped’ solution will always be available to every grower in the Australian cotton industry for free. Whilst FibreTrace is in my hands this is my purpose”. - Danielle Statham, FibreTrace / Co-owner Sundown Pastoral Company (2022 Bayer Grower of the Year)

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