CottonInfo Defoliation Booklet out now

Defoliation is one of the most miraculous but least thought about management actions that is undertaken in a cotton crop.

Although cotton’s primary harvest aids (Thidiazuron and ethephon) have been in use for over 40 years, how they work and interact with the crop is often not well understood. Ensuring the efficacy of harvest aid products will help maximise harvested yield and reduce leaf trash contamination in modules.

Preparing a cotton crop for harvest involves two distinct but related physiological processes: defoliation (leaf removal) and dehiscence (boll opening).

A new CottonInfo Defoliation Booklet has been developed to help provide guidance on harvest preparation and defoliation.

The booklet covers:

  • How defoliation and boll opening works.
  • Important steps for harvest preparation before you defoliate.
  • The impact of environment and crop factors on harvest aid performance.
  • The mode of action for defoliants, boll openers and desiccants.
  • Crop maturity for timely harvest aid application.
  • How to improve defoliant application efficacy.

Download a copy of the Defoliation Booklet on the CottonInfo website here.

The resource will also be included in the next edition of

The Australian Cottongrower.

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