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  April - May 2015

Editorial   (160kb) 4
Solar power a hot topic at cotton Big Days Out   (143kb) 10
Cotton Research Roundup...   (399kb) 6
Elections a chance to push grower issues to politicians, regulators   (1.02mb) 12
Cotton scientists working to secure industry's future   (347kb) 16
Cotton continues its southern surge   (520kb) 18
Farming success is Commins-place   (103kb) 22
Rivcotts new gin takes shape   (128kb) 24
Getting the timing right/Auscott enters the fray   (123kb) 26
Measuring soil water using an EM38   (509kb) 30
Cotton technology tour takes irrigation researchers on farm   (209kb) 34
The World Cotton Market   (355kb) 38
Steve Warden on the ride of his life   (308kb) 39
New NSW Flood Management Plans: Dont be caught out!   (154kb) 40
Improving tractor efficiency   (108kb) 44
Ripping depth and ground speed   (125kb) 45
Fibre quality in traditional and round module harvesting systems   (108kb) 46
If what goes up must come down, does what goes down come up?   (127kb) 48
Risk management tops the 2015 agenda for Australian agriculture   (139kb) 51
Extending axle width while keeping tractor capability   (130kb) 54
Agriculture students experience the thrill of discovery   (136kb) 55
The day the earth SHOOK   (333kb) 56
Germinating ideas   (216kb) 59
Automated removal of trash from trashracks   (114kb) 62
Beware of drift claims of some adjuvants   (131kb) 63
The science behind better yields   (146kb) 64
District Reports...   (468kb) 66
Refuges key to manage resistance in a variable cropping landscape   (114kb) 28
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