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  December - January 2018

Editorial   (142kb) 4
Cotton Research Roundup   (984kb) 6
Leadership program investments paying off for our cotton industry   (527kb) 10
Longer rotations are required to reduce Verticillium where disease levels are high   (955kb) 14
Cotton ratoon termination with AquaTill injecticide   (633kb) 20
Edible cottonseed research receives USDA approval   (373kb) 24
At a glance spindle versus stripper harvesting   (881kb) 28
Whos lurking in your soil?   (391kb) 31
Planting or harvesting without checking the 10-day forecast?   (122kb) 34
Sticking it to Noogoora Burr   (202kb) 35
The World Cotton Market   (671kb) 38
Water use efficiency benchmarks   (199kb) 42
How does irrigation management infuence crop N losses?   (778kb) 44
Measuring ecological benefts of environmental water releases   (186kb) 48
Compliance monitoring using satellite imagery   (332kb) 49
Smart syphons   (200kb) 50
Success with pipes through the bank systems   (208kb) 52
The best plant density for weed control in chickpea   (188kb) 54
Cotton aiding weed control on Bellata country   (184kb) 56
Confrmed resistance to the double-knock tactic in tall feabane   (414kb) 57
Field day frivolity   (468kb) 59
Germinating Ideas   (195kb) 62
News & New Products   (508kb) 64
District Reports   (596kb) 68
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