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  August - September 2009

Water on the brain   (285kb) 4
Change and consolidation the year in review   (585kb) 6
Cottons high achievers   (731kb) 12
Things are big in Brazil   (123kb) 16
Farming in the New World   (167kb) 17
Vietnam: land of diversity   (183kb) 18
Rural woman of the year   (107kb) 21
First meeting of the new Cotton Australia   (221kb) 22
Ord Stage 2 ready to go... really   (152kb) 24
Big job for Northern Land and Water Taskforce   (134kb) 27
Future cotton leaders ready to face a changing industry   (176kb) 28
Safe seed: Food for thought in cotton fields   (295kb) 30
Australian production   (111kb) 34
World production   (331kb) 37
Consumption and market share   (85kb) 41
Exports and imports   (68kb) 42
Macquarie Valley   (151kb) 44
Namoi Valley   (150kb) 48
Gwydir Valley 52
Southern NSW   (335kb) 54
Border Rivers   (168kb) 56
Darling Downs   (193kb) 58
St GeorgeDirranbandi   (236kb) 60
Central Highlands   (496kb) 64
Burdekin   (117kb) 66
Getting the balance right about water   (172kb) 68
Irrigation technology ready to cut water use   (132kb) 70
Longacres gas conversion   (135kb) 72
Using technology to save water in the US   (522kb) 73
Cotton water storage snapshot   (191kb) 76
Cotton Enviro reader competition   (204kb) 80
Boost to the Cotton CRCs Cotton Production Course   (414kb) 82
Higher education agreement enhances agricultural sector   (125kb) 84
Schools servicing   (571kb) 86
Auscott Scholarships for 2009   (348kb) 88
Complete success for Complete Cotton...   (157kb) 90
CRDC Board meets in the Burdekin   (108kb) 92
The cotton extension team   (270kb) 94
Cotton catchment communities CRC research projects   (190kb) 96
CRDC Research Project Summary   (156kb) 101
FIBREpak, new guide to improve cotton quality   (183kb) 106
Good quality results for 200809 crop   (230kb) 108
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