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  December - December 2013

Editorial   (475kb) 2
Cotton Research Roundup   (405kb) 4
Importance of Cotton Leads in a fast-moving global fibre market   (2.09mb) 8
Young achievers need your help   (1.18mb) 12
Combatting the caterpillar crisis in Brazil   (496kb) 16
Automated sensing system for cotton fruit load and vegetation   (278kb) 22
Good future for farming in Brazils Mato Grosso   (535kb) 19
CSIRO Researcher Profiles: Chris Allen and Max Barnes Revolutionising cotton breeding operations   (555kb) 25
Delivering outcomes to irrigators through modernisation?   (270kb) 28
Finding the sweet spot maximum water using minimum fuel   (410kb) 32
Measuring canopy temperature for better irrigation management   (453kb) 35
Water running nitrogen improves yield   (479kb) 37
World Commodity Watch   (182kb) 40
The World Cotton Market   (419kb) 42
New president and directors at the ICA/China National Cotton Exchange signs agreement with ICA   (296kb) 44
A new online tool for predicting cotton micronaire during season   (657kb) 46
Fungus takes down another weed   (213kb) 49
Preparing Australian cotton for a future climate   (308kb) 50
Biodegradable packaging from cotton waste   (340kb) 53
Service with a smile?   (581kb) 56
Germinating Ideas   (137kb) 61
Four tracks better than two   (100kb) 64
Chemical companies make the responsible choice   (60kb) 65
District Reports   (660kb) 66
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