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  February - March 2014

Editorial   (143kb) 2
Cotton Research Roundup   (500kb) 4
Why Cotton To Market is the future for our industry   (267kb) 8
Volunteer cotton: An increasing source of concern   (1.6mb) 10
Cottongrower goes digital   (100kb) 16
Excellence in the industry awards   (176kb) 17
CSIRO Researcher Profile: Jenny Clements A long way from Tennessee to Narrabri   (1.96mb) 18
Water Matters... Extra water for irrigation from government program   (963kb) 22
Countdown to the Australian Cotton Conference begins   (716kb) 28
Best practice spraying for defoliating cotton   (788kb) 32
The World Cotton Market   (444kb) 38
China what if scenarios?   (278kb) 40
Bee aware of honey bees   (90kb) 42
Diverse approaches to tame an emerging pest   (343kb) 43
Greenhouse gases and yields from organic and conventional systems   (164kb) 46
Using automatic weather stations   (297kb) 48
Herbicide resistance is not a one-year decision be strategic   (850kb) 50
Farewell Jack Buster   (61kb) 51
Cotton property markets remain active   (393kb) 52
The Farmall story   (619kb) 54
Germinating Ideas   (401kb) 58
Locally built no-till seeder/Award winning tractor   (348kb) 62
New spray drift technology/Two new faces for the industry   (67kb) 64
Protect your crop in all conditions   (127kb) 65
Australian company storms the ag world   (66kb) 66
How the ICA ended 2013/Aussie cotton set for an R&D boost   (75kb) 67
District Reports   (374kb) 68
World Commodity Watch   (200kb) 36
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