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  April - May 2012

Editorial...   (167kb) 2
Cotton Research Roundup...   (321kb) 4
New focus on cotton education and human capacity   (720kb) 8
Focus on China at Australian Cotton Conference   (319kb) 12
Future of cotton research boosted by $35 million   (85kb) 14
SLW wet conditions, late crops and displaced populations   (360kb) 16
Converting mm to money How does irrigated wheat stack up?   (423kb) 19
Local insects make a meal of mealybugs   (363kb) 21
Making sure your yield monitors are ready to go   (258kb) 23
Growers to take precision ag to the next level   (102kb) 25
Precision irrigation in the cotton industry through adaptive control   (681kb) 27
The World Cotton Market   (396kb) 34
New gin in the Murrumbidgee nears completion   (219kb) 36
Cruiser fund brings industry benefits   (233kb) 38
It pays to optimise N fertiliser inputs   (338kb) 40
Cotton seed N indicates fertiliser use-efficiency   (166kb) 44
Cotton gets nanotech and biotech treatment   (285kb) 46
The good gear   (534kb) 49
Germinating ideas   (158kb) 52
Aboriginal cotton trainees start work in Narrabri   (88kb) 55
Crop Cruiser offers new adjustable track width   (104kb) 56
Five-star deal   (89kb) 57
Bender160 released for centre pivots   (101kb) 58
District Reports...   (320kb) 60
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