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2 Cotton Australia getting on with the job during pandemic
2 Cotton Conference – ‘Here for Good’
3 A tough year for the cotton market: But where to Welcome to The Australian Cotton from here?
5 Northern Territory cotton industry gathers momentum
6 Yield prediction using remote images
6 Hand-held nitrogen measurement
8 Smarter irrigation in southern NSW
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8 Case study: A siphon-less irrigation system
9 Irrigation scheduling using canopy temperature
9 Sustainable management though improved insect resistance monitoring
10 Insecticide resistance update: Silverleaf whitefly
10 Soil your undies
11 Visual inspection and plastic removal (VIPR) system fro seed cotton
11 Silverleaf whitefly: Implications for lint quality and colour
12 Fall armyworm in Australia
12 Inversions – why you should care
13 Changes in climate impacts on our cotton production
13 Cotton residue management for disease control
14 Meet the Cotton Info Team
15 Virtual Trade Display start

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