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4 Editorial
6 Cotton Research Roundup
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12 Working together in a changing world
14 Monitoring the threat from cotton-infecting viruses
20 Fall armyworm and cluster caterpillar in cotton – What do we know?
28 Measuring soil moisture with cosmic rays
30 Has Alternaria leaf spot become a major concern in your cotton fields?
32 Cotton Coverage
34 The world cotton market
38 Tactics for feathertop Rhodes grass management
40 Rapid monitoring of molecular resistance in Helicoverpa
42 Managed aquifer recharge for improved water productivity
44 Ask an expert - How can I get the best results when using pre-emergent herbicides?
46 ‘Rule breaking’ plants may be survivors in a changing climate
47 Plants uncovered: Extreme serendipity in polyploidy
48 New app development could aid crop irrigation management
49 Under the microscope: How crops are responding to global atmospheric change
51 Covid-19 and the cotton market
52 The Nebraska Test
55 Germinating Ideas
58 Cotton industry opens its doors for community engagement day
59 Seed of Light goes to ‘Macca’
59 drumMUSTER collects 35m containers
60 District Reports

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