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4 Editorial
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6 Cotton Research Roundup
10 Two persistent industry problems
14 Silverleaf whitefly: Insecticide resistance update
18 Using the 2+2&0 to ‘Slam’ resistant patches and keep them subdued
24 Satamap shifts to global platform with new features
28 Dicamba: What to expect in the US in 2018
31 Weed spotting by drone
34 Whole farm water balance – the key to better management
39 Matching water drops to the needs of crops
42 Probes help save water and improve yields
43 Beating multi-resistant weeds in northern NSW
44 Cotton Coverage
46 The World Cotton Market
50 Cotton’s extraordinary secondary cell walls
54 Herbicide options for control of black pigweed in pigeonpea
57 The impact of cotton production and fluctuating rainfall patterns on Hillston soils
60 Brian’s dilemma
63 Germinating Ideas
66 News & New Products
68 District Reports

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