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4 Editorial
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6 Cotton Research Roundup
10 Spray drift campaign in full swing
14 2018 Australian Cotton Conference launched
16 Minimise spray drift – good farmers manage it!
18 Ethiopian interest in Bt cropping highlights the global threat of rising Bt resistance
22 Industrial hemp: A North American perspective
32 Diverse management to keep feathertop Rhodes grass numbers low
36 Cotton Coverage
38 The World Cotton Market
42 The world’s biggest Ag Show
48 Storage maintenance: Prevention is better than a cure
51 ARS culture collection: A valuable resource
53 Peptides could revolutionise how food is grown
55 Quantity and quality of cotton gin trash produced by Australian gins
57 How does mixing herbicide modes of action buy more shots?
59 Down to Earth
62 Germinating Ideas
65 News & New Products
68 District Reports

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