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4 Editorial
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6 Cotton Research Roundup
12 Australian cotton will no longer be a punching bag
16 Australia’s cotton industry lays down the facts to Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young
18 Using drone technology to release beneficials in cotton
22 Increasing gossypol containing glands in cotton can boost plant’s natural defences
24 Cotton contamination – we must remain vigilant!
28 Got a pest problem? Try napalm
32 Local group takes creative approach to spray drift
36 Cotton Coverage
38 The World Cotton Market
42 Top to bottom siphon-less irrigation
46 Diversity extends herbicide ‘life’ in triple-stacked cotton
48 Driving down the glyphosate resistant weed seed bank in cotton
50 Future farmers: Creating pathways for the next generation
52 South Australia floats their boats while NSW goes dry
54 Kazakhstan farmers adapt Australian farming technology
58 Three of the best!
61 Germinating Ideas
63 News & New Products
68 District Reports

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