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4 Editorial
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6 Cotton Research Roundup
12 Water debate hijacked by agenda-pushing activists
18 Measuring the maturity of unopened cotton bolls
20 Canopy temperature – bringing the doctor to the field
24 Could annual ryegrass become a problematic summer weed?
25 A letter to Rural Australia…
26 Robotic reality opens up chipping and microwave potential
28 Siphon-less with tail water backup
36 Cotton Coverage
38 The world cotton market
42 Are our weed seed ecology studies done correctly?
44 Early identification allows more effective weed control
45 The changing face of agricultural extension
46 Making nitrogen fertiliser from thin air
50 Focus on powerline safety ahead of cotton harvest
52 Leaf stage and controlling glyphosate-resistant tall fleabane
54 Assumptions!
59 Germinating Ideas
62 Aussie cotton grants helping out ‘run-dry’ communities
64 $16 million Agricultural Science and Engineering Precinct opens at USQ
65 Winners of the 2018–19 FastStart Awards
66 News & New Products
68 District Reports

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