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4 Editorial
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6 Cotton Research Roundup
10 Media reporting on water issues needs to improve
12 Manufactured outrage a barrier to real MDB outcomes
14 High achievers recognised at the Australian Cotton Industry Awards
17 Hold your nerve – what to do when you don’t have enough water
24 Unearthing potential of biocontrol to reduce Verticillium wilt
28 Taking a gander at Uganda
30 Water productivity on the rise
33 Scientists first to discover ‘nonsusceptible’ sweet pepper plants
34 New discovery could alleviate salty soil symptoms in crops
38 Cotton Coverage
40 The world cotton market
44 Understanding the drivers behind hot and dry seasonal conditions
48 FTR grass: What control strategies are working best?
52 What's the latest in optical sprayer technology?
53 Thermal weed control – just hot air, or sitespecific reality?
56 Thanks a clot! – Research is behind a new blood-clotting gauze
58 Electrocuting weeds – European zapper slated for US testing
60 The unlikely tractor
63 Germinating Ideas
65 News & New Products
70 District Reports

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