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4 Editorial
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6 Cotton Research Roundup
10 Support available during tough times
14 Impacts of green lacewings on Solenopsis mealybugs in the Namoi
16 What you need to know about Solenopsis mealybug
20 Is the sucking pest complex in Australian cotton changing?
23 Scientists challenge legume N perceptions
26 Feathertop Rhodes grass – is it the beginning of the end?
30 Cave secrets unlocked to show past drought and rainfall patterns
32 How sensor technology is helping map soil in the paddock
34 Cotton Coverage
36 The world cotton market
40 Resistance update – mites, aphids, thrips, mirids and SLW
42 How can I avoid getting stuck in an IMI herbicide cycle?
44 Decision/indecision – when there’s so many decisions how do we choose?
46 Cotton leafroll dwarf virus discovered in Central Texas
48 Partnership to commercialise a new insecticide
50 The greatest
54 Germinating Ideas
57 Spreading the WeedSmart message
60 Crop assessment project proves drone accuracy
61 WeedSeeker 2 demonstrations hit the target for growers
62 News & New Products
65 District Reports

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