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4 Editorial
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8 Cotton Research Roundup
14 Cotton industry proud supporters of the leaders of tomorrow
18 An alternative to a long held fallacy of long fallow
22 Water productivity benchmarking 2017–18 results
24 Diversity the key in protecting weed control chemistry in cotton
26 World’s first metabolism based glyphosate resistance
28 Sowthistle survey maps a road ahead for research
32 El Niño has rapidly become stronger and stranger, according to coral records
35 Bolt from the blue… from Bulgaria
36 In-crop nitrogen options for cotton
38 Cotton Coverage
40 The world cotton market
44 A comparative analysis of cotton and hemp production in Australia
49 How can I implement the "mix and rotate" strategy to combat herbicide resistance?
51 Can water banking guard against a future ‘Day Zero’?
53 Predicting the climate of the 2020s
55 Good cotton crops start with potassium
57 Quantifying climate change on a regional scale
59 Regional climate guides put data in the hands of farmers
61 Now – and then!
66 Germinating Ideas
70 News & New Products
71 District Reports

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