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6 Editorial…
8 Cotton Research Roundup
14 Sharing our story one click at a time
16 Herbicide resistance in Australian cotton farming systems – a journey through time
18 In-season yield prediction using VARIwise
22 A smarter way to count cotton pests
24 Water Matters… Irrigation System Assessment Tool
28 The Australian Cottongrower turns 40
32 CGS: In for the long haul
36 Stop seed set in feathertop Rhodes grass
38 Marketing… Cotton Coverage
40 The world cotton market
44 What’s happening in weed detection and site-specific control?
46 Retardants with residual fire protection and soil nutrition benefits
50 Using LiDAR elevation maps and EM38 surveys to improve production
54 Pigeonpea needs integrated weed management
55 Ample supplies keep fertiliser prices in check
57 Biodegradable spray helps battle crop pathogens
58 FastStart winning cotton grower awards
60 Helping cotton growing communities boost biodiversity
62 Classic Tractor Tales…
65 Germinating Ideas
69 News & New Products
71 District Reports

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