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6 Editorial
8 Cotton Research Roundup
14 Cotton moving ahead on sustainability journey
16 Why stewardship of Bt cotton is still crucial: Insights from the US
19 No cake mix for tropical cotton
21 In-crop management
26 IPM in a Covid-19 world: An agronomist reflects
28 Novel approach to mid-season cotton yield forecasts
31 Study reveals minimal impact from CSG hydraulic fracturing
34 I can’t live without the Internet!! And I can’t farm without glyphosate
38 Cotton Coverage
40 The world cotton market
44 Is it safe to assume that poor weed control is due to herbicide resistance?
46 CottonInfo N workshop tour
48 Water stress reduces glyphosate efficacy on key weeds
50 Contracting leads to variability plan
53 A new option for Texas: Pima cotton
54 Climate change and extreme events – quantifying the changing odds
58 New digital water trading opportunities for FNQ irrigators
59 The science behind environmental flows
60 Classic Tractor Tales
64 Germinating ideas
67 New insecticidal seed treatment gives superior control
68 Kick start your cotton
69 New air cart on the market
70 District Reports

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