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4 Editorial
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8 Cotton Research Roundup
14 Safety everyone’s responsibility on farm
16 Digital IPM: managing insect pests in the age of big data
20 Case study: A siphon-less irrigation system assessment
24 Extent of herbicide resistance in summer weeds revealed
28 Project to combat fall armyworm in Australia and South East Asia
30 Visual inspection and plastic removal system for cleaner cotton
34 Cotton Coverage
36 The world cotton market
40 Soil physical changes from rice to cotton
42 New online biodiversity management guides
44 iMapPESTS – new approach to surveillance
47 Controlling feathertop Rhodes grass the economical way
48 Texas cotton farmers adjusting in wake of dicamba ruling
49 Agtech Australian first: More crop per drop
50 Developing a spray drift hazard alert and warning system
51 Incredible – but true!
54 Germinating Ideas
57 News & New Products
63 District Reports

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