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4 Editorial
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6 Cotton Research Roundup
12 World Cotton Day a time to celebrate and look forward with optimism
14 Resistance update – mites, aphids, helicoverpa, mirids and SLW
18 Reoccurring wilt: Possible new cotton disease
20 In-season yield prediction using VARIwise
22 Comparing water use efficiencies and legacies of summer crops
28 USDA study reveals airborne fungus can trigger plant growth
30 Importance of cover crops
32 Cotton Coverage
34 The world cotton market
38 Market insights – fibre price comparison
40 Soil constraints and cotton yield
42 Plant, insect viruses work together to spread disease
43 Cotton textiles for low-risk chemical protective clothing
46 Putting PA to Work: Device connection – it’s a thing
49 Feathertop Rhodes grass: What strategies are working best?
53 Classic Tractor Tales: A cup of tea
56 Germinating Ideas
59 News & New Products
60 District Reports

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