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4 Editorial
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6 Cotton Research Roundup
12 Cotton education program boosts digital capacity
16 'Walk away’ cotton shows promise
20 Natural capital stocks in cotton growing areas
24 Better Cotton Initiative supports cotton worldwide during Covid
28 Weeds: Are we losing our grip?
32 Auburn University research team tackles new cotton virus
34 How can I be certain that herbicide residues in the soil have fully degraded at planting?
36 Cotton Coverage
38 The world cotton market
42 Improving nitrogen fertiliser use efficiency in Australian cotton
44 Putting PA to Work... A green-on-green journey
47 Irrigation siphons – size does matter!
48 A comparison of unnatural landscapes: Indigenous Australia versus modern cotton
50 2,4-D antagonises glyphosate, especially in glyphosate resistant weeds
52 A $25bn economic opportunity for food and agribusiness industry
55 New Bt cotton set to thrive
56 Classic Tractor Tales - Landini
59 Early research to guide insecticide use for fall armyworm
60 Billion dollar industries at risk from biosecurity threats
62 Germinating Ideas
64 New SLWF product registered
64 New digital agriculture hub
65 Protecting biodiversity in Australia’s cotton landscapes
65 Map crops to prevent spray drift damage
66 Applaud now registered
66 More cotton on the Ord?
66 Weed-It Quadro updates
67 Applications for the 2021 Horizon Scholarship are now open
68 New pest management training for cotton industry
68 District Reports

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