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4 Editorial
6 Cotton Research Roundup
12 Some wins for cotton growers in federal budget
14 Cotton Collective, Industry Awards and Trade Show for Toowoomba
18 Every fibre tells a story
22 A farmer’s response to a global wardrobe crisis
27 Partnership reaches $150m investment
28 Weaving technology with farm practice comes naturally
31 Using mimic plants to develop weed control thresholds
34 Towards a multi-species weed control threshold
38 Cotton Coverage - A comprehensive review of global market conditions
40 The world cotton market
44 Measuring the variation along the length of cotton fibres
47 Measuring Keytah’s carbon footprint
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49 Soils ain’t soils – carbon farming offers fertile future
51 Ask an expert – What are the best herbicide mixing strategies for winter crops?
53 Future drones likely to resemble 300-million-year-old flying machine
54 Persistence and competition can bring nutgrass under control
55 ARS scientists sample the skies with a suction trap network
56 How science found liquid gold in the desert
58 International effort to combat crop-threatening weeds
60 Classic tractor tales
63 Germinating ideas
66 Autonomous spraying technology
66 Irrigation pump screens protect native fish
67 Maximise your cotton nutrition with zinc
67 Low cost soil moisture monitoring
68 Tipperary Rural Rugby Cup
68 20 year milestone
69 District Reports

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