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4 Editorial
6 Cotton Research Roundup…
10 Extra incentives for myBMP growers
14 An industry first: Soil DNA testing for cotton diseases
20 IoT enables automated, low-cost surface irrigation
24 Advances in green-on-green weed recognition technologies
28 Managing cotton diseases after the drought
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33 Getting up close with proximal soil sensing
36 Cotton Coverage
38 The world cotton market
42 Is carbon the ‘crop’ of the future?
44 Counting every drop: Measuring evaporation in dams
46 Don’t sow wild oats
49 Trends and drivers in cotton water efficiency productivity
50 The road to commercial success
52 Forewarned is forearmed – new forecast products from the BOM
55 Precision agriculture for the management of agripests
57 New drip irrigation technology gives promising results
58 Low-cost soil moisture monitoring
60 Organic multitasking: From human food additive to pesticide
61 The world in which we lived
64 Germinating Ideas
66 News & New Products
68 District Reports

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