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4 Editorial
6 Cotton Research Roundup...
12 Providing opportunities is key to growing leadership ranks
14 An untapped pool of novel photosynthetic traits for cotton?
18 Talking digital
20 How do you know your cotton crop is on ‘track’?
24 Urease inhibitors, what are they and how can they help you
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27 Adaptive swarm robotics could revolutionise smart agriculture
29 Long term changes in soil P in irrigated cotton soils
33 An eco-friendly whitening process for cotton yarn
36 Cotton Coverage
38 The world cotton market
42 Efficiency comes from bankless irrigation and automatic winches
46 Low cost, low energy gravity-powered micro-irrigation
48 Rethinking how and why a crop might be injured from a spray
52 Putting PA to Work - Digging deep for science
55 Adapting crops for future climate conditions
58 Hopes for lowly pond scum
60 Cotton in cattle country, building the Northern Territory’s first gin
62 Classic Tractor Tales - The speed factor!
65 Germinating ideas
67 Australia grows capacity in domestic fertiliser production
68 Give whitefly a send-off
68 District Reports

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