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4 Editorial
6 Cotton Research Roundup
12 Recognising our high achievers key to paving further industry success
14 A new partnership featuring cotton growing families
16 Unusual pests making an appearance in 2022
20 Talking digital
22 Australian Cotton Conference 2022 – Here for Good
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27 The stink bug may soon need to confront its arch enemy
30 Ask an Expert - Ryegrass is well adapted to a wide climatic range
32 Opportunities for increased automation in agriculture
36 Cotton Coverage
38 The world cotton market
42 The eyes don’t have it: Machine vision to improve cotton breeding
46 Putting PA to Work - Calling the shots
49 Researchers create artificial diet to raise beneficial beetle
50 Summer weed control in a high input cost year
51 Weed, insect, disease and antibiotic resistance – we’re all singing from the same hymn book
54 Deep soil testing opportunities
58 Classic Tractor Tales - Traction
62 Germinating ideas
64 Stay, Call, Wait
65 Croplands marks 50 years
65 New partnership delivers insights
66 Aussie cotton goes Japanese
66 Another weapon to fight against resistance
67 District Reports

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