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4 Editorial
6 Cotton Research Roundup
12 Advocacy helps with big win for growers in Dawson Valley
15 Have we forgotten about the helicoverpa in the room?
24 Resistance update – mites, aphids, helicoverpa and SLW
32 It’s a Bloke Thing!
34 Ask an Expert - How can I gain more spray efficiency?
36 The fate of nitrogen fertiliser in an irrigated cotton system
38 The world cotton market
42 New fungus to help farmers fight fleabane
43 New insights on why there are differences in micronaire in crops
47 Smart sensing: Developments and opportunities for cotton
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51 Spindle vs stripper – what’s the verdict?
54 SOS: Stop off-target spraying
57 Classic Tractor Tales - The Bulldog Pups
60 Germinating ideas
63 Same cotton growth regulant, but a lot less hassle
64 First funded project as part of new Richard Williams Initiative
65 Stand-alone power system for Sundown Pastoral Co
66 An innovative approach is required to fill the skills gap in ag
67 Oliver Knox receives General Jeffery Soil Health Award
68 Next generation of scientists
68 Strapped for time during the growing season?
69 District Reports

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