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4 Editorial
6 Cotton Research Roundup
12 Action needed on spray drift incidents
14 PestDetect pre-launch for silverleaf whitefly
18 What do we really want cotton growing workplaces to look like?
22 Integrated research approach needed to improve Australian cotton systems
28 Researchers develop naturally fire-resistant cotton lines
31 Alternative energy opportunities for rural industries
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37 Herbicide discovery through innovation and diversity
39 The world cotton market
42 Cotton Coverage
44 Nutrien Ag Solutions invests in WeedSmart
46 Death of the Bradfield Scheme?
50 Improving the sustainability and value of cotton’s natural fibres
51 The transition away from diesel
55 Caution required when retaining rain affected seed
57 Weed of the Year Logies
59 Is photosynthesis the silver bullet to improve crop yield?
60 Classic Tractor Tales - A robotic tractor with a difference!
63 Beyond the Seed
65 Axalion Active launched in Australia
66 Not ‘just add water’
66 Farmers unite to target spray drift
67 GRDC Updates explore soil N in the north
67 WAND Uptake
68 District Reports

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