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4 Editorial
6 Cotton Research Roundup
12 Australian cotton industry roadmap to align industry with customer needs
14 Next step in diverting textile waste from landfill
18 Leaving a legacy ‘to be proud of’
20 Resistant ryegrass found in summer crops and further north than ever
24 The opportunities of the digital ag revolution
28 Leadership is not an optional extra for Australian cotton growers
32 Bioinsecticide for whitefly control reaches the market in Brazil
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36 Cotton Market Trends
38 The world cotton market
42 What’s all the fuss about China?
43 Why battery storage?
47 Case Study..Massive $5 million solar power system pays off for Australia's largest free-range chicken farm
48 The extent of fish entrainment in irrigation systems
52 Ask an Expert - Are we gaining ground against herbicide resistant weeds?
54 In focus: Cotton bunchy top
56 Enhance fertiliser efficiency and reduce emissions
57 We can’t afford to lose older herbicides
59 CSIRO embarks on mission to create a weather service for water quality
61 Classic Tractor Tales - Yesterday
64 Beyond the Seed
66 John Deere automation revolution
66 Cotton Collective and Trade Show
67 Smart fertiliser boosts yield
67 Reducing drift in Mississippi
68 District Reports

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