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4 Editorial
6 Cotton Research Roundup
12 Exciting opportunities for Northern Australia development
15 Do the Greeks and Brothers Grimm have a black root rot solution?
18 Evaporation from on-farm dams is a challenge – but needs to be addressed
20 Power of crop rotation to combat herbicide resistance
22 How do you help your team members to care about their work?
26 Researchers develop natural, washable antimicrobial wipes
28 Expanded options for optical spot sprayers
32 The world cotton market
36 Cotton Market Trends
38 Cotton Collective and Trade Show Feature
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56 RD&E program for cotton, grain, and cattle in northern Australia
58 Ask an Expert - How does a local weather data network help growers make spray decisions?
61 Classic Tractor Tales - The question?
64 Beyond the Seed
66 Gravity-powered micro-irrigation
66 Kununurra gin update – design and construction
67 US cotton leaders visit ‘amazing’ Australian cotton farms
68 District Reports

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