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4 Editorial
6 Cotton Research Roundup
12 Strategic roadmap for cotton industry
15 Bugs and pox: Can future varieties hold them off?
20 New collaboration set to shake up cotton disease research
24 2023 Australian Cotton Collective & Trade Show Round Up
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30 Supporting people to shake the shame and persist at work
34 Ask an Expert - Make every drop of herbicide count
36 Sustainability update
40 Cotton Market Trends
42 The world cotton market
46 The evolving landscape of the cotton supply chain
47 The boy who cried urea
49 Building Australia’s first movable hydrogen generator
50 Fighting aphid-borne disease in crops
52 Cavitoma in cotton
54 Farming in east Africa
57 Understanding the true cost of drought
59 Classic Tractor Tales - The remarkable Jelbart tractor
62 Beyond the Seed
65 Better spray coverage/efficacy and reduced waste
66 Broad spectrum control suits cotton pest strategy
67 John Deere offers new 1725C stack-fold planter for cotton
68 Increase your spreading window
69 District Reports

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